iOS 7 Lock screen vulnerability and how to fix it.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on September 19, 2013

iOS-7-Lock-ScreenWe’ve just come across an interesting article in TUAW about a vulnerability in iOS 7’s lock screen, which will let anyone access your apps without ever needing to unlock your device.

If you want to feel like a super-elite hacker, if only for a moment, grab your iOS 7 enabled device (not someone else’s) and go to the lock screen.

  1. With the lock screen active, swipe up to enter the Control Center.
  2. Now, click on the Timer to launch the Timer app.
  3. Double-tap the home button to bring up the horizontal list of open apps.

You’ve done it. You’re in. No entering codes or nothing.

Now that you’ve seen how the hack works – let’s fix that vulnerability.

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center
  2. Turn “Access on Lock Screen” off.

Click here to read the TUAW article that brought this vulnerability to our attention. 

UPDATE: As reported by at least a few of our readers, not everyone is able to reproduce this vulnerability. Our advice is: Better to be safe than sorry.

Also, according to TUAW, Apple is working on a fix.