Latest versions of popular web apps: 9-27-13 edition

Written by Tyler Jacobson on September 27, 2013

Make sure that your web apps are always running the latest version. Quite often, updates to web apps contain essential security fixes rather than feature upgrades. Keeping your apps up to date helps to keep the server and, most importantly, your site secure.

Below are the latest versions of some of the more popular web apps. If you don’t see yours here, please be sure check the developers site to ensure you’re running the current version. If it’s been a year or more since the last official update from the developer, we strongly encourage you to migrate your content to a currently supported platform.

Also, don’t forget to delete web apps that you are no longer using.

WordPress – Latest Version: 3.6.1 (released: 9/11/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

Concrete5 – Latest Version: (released: 8/28/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

Coppermine Gallery – Latest Version: 1.5.24 (released: 5/22/13)
(Upgrade Instructions)

Drupal – Latest Version: 7.2.3 (released: 8/8/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

Gallery – Latest Version: 3.0.9 (released: 6/28/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

Joomla – Latest Version: 3.1.5 (released: 8/1/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

Magento – Latest Version: 1.8 (released: 9/25/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

Moodle – Latest Version: 2.5.2 (released: 9/9/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

osCommerce – Latest Version: (released: 9/26/13)
(Sadly, there’s no definitive upgrade guide. We wish there were.)

phpBB – Latest Version: 3.0.11 (released: 8/25/12)
(We recommend immediately discontinuing the use of phpBB in favor of Simple Machines Forum – Migration instructions)

PrestaShop – Latest Version: 1.5.5 (released: 8/28/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

Simple Machine Forum – Latest Version: 2.0.5 (released: 8/13/13)
(Upgrade instructions)

ZenCart – Latest Version: 1.5.1 (released: 9/19/12)
(laWe recommend immediately discontinuing the use of ZenCart in favor of Prestashop)