Can You Create or Host a Website Using iCloud?

Written by MacHighway Team on April 11, 2019

You Create or Host a Website

Apple’s iCloud is currently listed as one of the top three storage platforms, especially for Mac users.

With millions of people using iCloud every day, it makes you wonder whether or not they really understand how to take advantage of all of the features it offers.

What features, you might ask? Well, like recovering files or creating new ones. Or, like creating a website.

Interested in figuring out if iCloud lets you create or host a website? Of course you are, that’s why you’re here.

Read on to find the answer to your iCloud-related questions.

Hosting a Website Using iCloud: Yes or No?

Sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but no, you can’t host your website on iCloud.

iCloud doesn’t currently support hosting in a professional manner.

If you’re thinking that you remember once upon a time when it might have been possible, it’s likely that you’re thinking about the feature to host static HTML websites on Dropbox.

Another reason you can’t host a website using iCloud is that it’s simply not professional.

You’re also not allowed to choose your domain name. So, if you were to host a website on iCloud, it would look something like “” This just isn’t that professional-looking.

For professional web hosting, you’ll want to go with a qualified company that provides Mac-specific hosting features. We’ll get into that later.

But What About Cloud-Based Hosting?

So we bet you’re thinking: “iCloud is a cloud server. You’re able to host websites on cloud servers. So, why can’t you host a website there?”

It’s just simply not possible with Apple anymore.

Previously, it was possible with iWeb, but Apple doesn’t sell or support that platform anymore. iCloud is currently only used to store contacts, calendars, photos, music, apps and more.

Cloud hosting and cloud storage are two different things, anyway.

Cloud hosting is a method used to host applications. This is what dedicated and shared hosting platforms tend to offer. Usually, the cloud hosting provider deploys applications over a cloud service delivery model.

Cloud storage is a by-product of cloud computing. This allows users to store resources on a pay-per-use basis. While these are also delivered over a cloud service with a network connection, it’s simply not the same as the hosting needed for a website.

Creating a Website Using iCloud

Even though the platform doesn’t offer hosting options, you can create a website easily by using iCloud photos.

Apple has a hidden network of features in the iOS Photos app. If you’re looking to share albums with friends and family, you can do so by downloading the app from the App Store.

However, if you want to create a shared album, you can also create an iCloud website. This will let you share the photos in a more public manner.

Anybody with the iCloud website URL will be able to see the photos.

To create a public iCloud website, you’ll want to:

  1. Open the Photos app. Click on the Shared icon at the bottom.
  2. Now, click on the + sign at the top left. This will allow you to create an album and name it.
  3. When you tap next, you will be able to add people. Only add yourself then click on Create.
  4. Click on the album you just created and then click on the People tab at the bottom.
  5. You’ll see a Public Website option. Turn that on.

Now you’ve got your own iCloud website that will essentially “host” your photos for you. However, this isn’t considered to be professional hosting by any means.

It’s still a really useful function nonetheless.

Accessing Your iCloud Website via

If you’ve forgotten where you’ve stored your photos or want to know how to delete all of your photos on the iCloud website, you’ll want to log into

From this website, you’ll be able to access your iCloud account and all of the services and apps in it (including your Photos website).

It’s so simple, you might be a little embarrassed that you asked.

  1. Launch any web browser on your computer.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your iCloud email address and password.
  4. Hit Enter, and you’re logged in!

Whew, you’re in.

Now, you’ll want to understand exactly what you can do from this website. We’ve already established that you can’t host a website here, so you’ll want to enjoy one of the other functions, which include:

  • Using the iCloud Photo Library on the internet
  • Recovering deleted files
  • Recovering old contacts
  • Recovering calendars and reminders
  • Recovering old Safari bookmarks
  • Creating new projects in Pages, Numbers or Keynote
  • Collaborating on an iWork project
  • Find your lost or stolen phone via FindMyPhone

Helping You Create or Host a Website

Well, if you can’t host a website on the iCloud, then what do you do if you’re a Mac owner and need website hosting?

Mac users are at an advantage when it comes to creating and hosting websites, as there are many Mac-optimized hosting options available.

These types of platforms are great because they ensure that you’ll be able to work with a platform that caters to your operating system.

The customer service people also know how Macs work, which makes integration a whole lot easier.

This means that they’re dedicated to helping Mac users create their own websites from scratch.

Building a Website You Love Just as Much as Your Mac

As a Mac user, it’s likely that you’re simply in love with the interface and operating system. This makes sense. We totally get it.

Here at MacHighway, we’re completely devoted to providing Mac-centric web hosting for users like you.

While it would be great if Apple offered a way to let you create or host a website using iCloud, it simply isn’t a reality.

That’s why we offer the highest-quality hosting experience and a wide range of other services such as web design and SEO tools.

Get in touch with us today to start building a website you love. Consider it a gift from Mac lover to Mac lover.