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How to retrieve your forgotten passwords

At the top of this series of posts about passwords, I encouraged you to “Go ahead and forget your passwords.”  If you followed this sage advice and did in fact forget your passwords, you will find that this leads to an inevitable problem: You’ll have forgotten a password. As much as we’ve trusted our computers […]

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What makes a strong password?

In my last article, I discussed how and why it’s a good idea to use unique passwords for everything and then advised you to forget those passwords. In that article, I made note that there will be times when you need a memorable password that you don’t want to forget. When that need arises, you’ll […]

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Go ahead and forget your passwords.

I can’t tell you how many frustrated grumbles of “I’ve got too many passwords,” I’ve heard from customers and co-workers in my career. We all know it’s true; We’ve got passwords for our email, our control panel, our client area, our WordPress admin area, and that’s just where your MacHighway web hosting account is concerned. How […]

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