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Auto-Unblock now available for all MacHighway users

We’re excited to announce our new Auto-Unblock feature: As you may know, we have systems in place that protect your website and email from what are known as “brute-force attacks.” In a brute-force attack a hacker uses a program to run through a list of thousands of possible logins, trying to guess a valid username […]

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Problems with WordPress dashboard and widgets? Here’s a fix.

As of the 3.5 update to WordPress, we started receiving reports from a minority of customers that some functions simply stopped working in the WordPress dashboard. Specifically, the quick edit dashboard panel was unresponsive, under Add New Post  the toolbar above the text area wouldn’t populate, and, the drag and drop functionality in the Widgets […]

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How to setup a shared photo hub using Gallery on your hosted space.

I recently went to a wedding in Athens, GA for my brother-in-law. The wedding was held at an amazing location, a massive tin factory converted into an artists studio with large scale statues everywhere. Not only was the location something awe inspiring, but the bride and groom also hired a mobile petting zoo with goats […]

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