MacHighway web hosting now supports 2-factor authentication.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on September 16, 2014

With the news of yet another mass security breach occurring recently, this time with Google, the importance of having robust login security cannot be overstated.

At MacHighway, we take your account security very seriously. For that reason, we couldn’t be more excited to that you that we’ve now incorporated additional technology which will make it much harder for your important details to become compromised by a malicious hacker or phishing scammer. As of right now, you can add 2-Factor Authentication to your MacHighway Client

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Use Custom URL’s In Links to Track Visitors Like the Pros.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on April 24, 2014
Use Custom URLs Like A Pro

Part I – Setting up Google Analytics and Tracking Homepage clicks.

Whether you’re a professional web designer, social media manager, or a novice struggling to get your site to behave the way you want, using custom links is great way to track the behavior of your visitors and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Picture this: You have two links on two different places on your homepage ( that go to the same destination page on your site: ( One link is in your navigation bar, and the

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Auto-Unblock now available for all MacHighway users

Written by Chris Graves on February 1, 2014

We’re excited to announce our new Auto-Unblock feature:

As you may know, we have systems in place that protect your website and email from what are known as “brute-force attacks.” In a brute-force attack a hacker uses a program to run through a list of thousands of possible logins, trying to guess a valid username and password combination, so they can gain access to your website files or email.

To prevent this we employ Login Failure Detection (LFD) in our firewalls. LFD

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Problems with WordPress dashboard and widgets? Here’s a fix.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on January 21, 2013

As of the 3.5 update to WordPress, we started receiving reports from a minority of customers that some functions simply stopped working in the WordPress dashboard. Specifically, the quick edit dashboard panel was unresponsive, under Add New Post  the toolbar above the text area wouldn’t populate, and, the drag and drop functionality in the Widgets dashboard simply stopped working.

Not being the developer of WordPress, we were short on answers, which is never the preferred position to be in. We like

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How to setup a shared photo hub using Gallery on your hosted space.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on November 28, 2012

I recently went to a wedding in Athens, GA for my brother-in-law. The wedding was held at an amazing location, a massive tin factory converted into an artists studio with large scale statues everywhere. Not only was the location something awe inspiring, but the bride and groom also hired a mobile petting zoo with goats and rabbits whose heads were bigger than mine. On top of all of this, a wedding was occurring. Needless to say, there were many pictures

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