How to Find the Best Drag And Drop Website Development Platforms for a Mac

Written by MacHighway Team on August 6, 2019

Make no mistake, building a website from scratch can be tough.

Outsourcing website creation can be pricey, too.

This is where website development platforms come in.

They are an ideal solution for growing businesses in particular.

Finding the best website builder, however, is not always the easiest task. With so many of these builders available online, how do you know which one is the best for you?

This is important to figure out – having your own website is a necessity nowadays.

Using a website builder

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The Best Design Software? All About Designing and Hosting a Website on Rapidweaver

Written by MacHighway Team on July 16, 2019

Did you know that Rapid Weaver’s latest version 8 has over 1,500 add-ons? Some of which are premium while others are free. But yes, designing your website just became that fun and that much easier!

If you have used design platforms like WordPress to build your website or blog, then you have a basic idea of how RapidWeaver works. The difference is, RapidWeaver works only on mac devices unlike others in the CMS world.

Is RapidWeaver the best design software for mac? If

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Top 5 Web Design Tools

Written by MacHighway Team on March 28, 2019

Building a website can give you the ultimate platform for anything from your own business to a personal blog. Websites are the foundation of the internet.

How do you build a website, though? Working in web design requires years of programming knowledge and intimate design knowledge.

Do not worry! There are web design tools out there that can make the massive trudge of web design a pleasant breeze!

What are these tools? Are there ones for complete beginners? How do I start?

All these questions

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