How to Use EverWeb to Design and Host a Website

In the 21st century, it is imperative that your business has a website with a strong and striking design that attracts customers.
According to a study conducted by Blue Corona, 48% of people think that a website’s design is the number one factor in determining how credible a business is.
Keep on reading to find out how you can effortlessly create a stunning website with EverWeb.

What is EverWeb?

For business user’s who are operating on a Mac, EverWeb should be your go-to website software. Created by Rage Software, EverWeb is a design application that lets users quickly create websites.
Users can enjoy building their website with a drag and drop interface, which makes it easier for those who don’t know much about website design and coding. You can easily customize your website on EverWeb to look just how you want.

How Do I Use EverWeb?

The EverWeb app is designed with beginners in mind, the software is straightforward and easy to navigate. So if this is your first ever web page you can rest assured that it will be easy and look professional.

The Basics

The website you are building is displayed in the center of the screen and the individual site pages can be seen along the left sidebar, so you can switch between pages quickly and edit them.
The tools, at the bottom of the page, feature options such as text boxes, images, and the ability to publish your website.
You can choose from a variety of website themes or you can create your own custom design.
EverWeb has a handy section full of tutorial videos, which can help to guide you through the process of making your own website.

Widgets and Add-Ons

Use EverWeb widgets to quickly customize your website. EverWeb lets you easily upload photos, and videos (via YouTube), Google map locations, and you can even create a form for your website.
For e-commercial businesses, you can integrate the Paypal widget so that your customers can quickly and safely make payments.
Optimize your website’s searchability by using EverWeb’s handy SEO feature. With this SEO feature, you can input keywords into your page descriptions and videos.
Some widgets and add-ons are free, however, some come at an additional fee.

EverWeb Codebox

If you are more advanced, EverWeb Codebox allows you to edit the HTML, and change the website’s functions and look.
EverWeb Codebox is particularly useful if you have style sheets that you want to add to your website. So if you want to customize your fonts or your website’s layout, then you can use an external style sheet.

EverWeb Responsive Web Design

Did you know that 62% of businesses increased their sales by designing responsive mobile platforms for their websites?
More and more people are accessing websites on their phones, instead of on a desktop. Which means that the web page width and height needs to fit the screen.
With EverWeb Responsive Web Design, you can design a website that adapts to the width of the web browser. So whether your customer is viewing your website on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, your design will fit their screen.
An advantage of this feature is that Google (and the other search engines) rank Responsive Web Design higher in search engine ranking page results.
Learn more about how the EverWeb Responsive Web Design feature works by checking out this video tutorial.

How Do I Publish My Website?

To publish your website, you need to have an EverWeb Standalone license or an EverWeb+ Hosting account.
Go to your site publishing settings to change the appropriate settings.
If you have an EverWeb+ Hosting account, you can publish your site to either your account, a local folder or an FTP Server. If you have an EverWeb Standalone license you only have permission to publish to a local folder or to an FTP.
Check the use HTTPS Secure URLs box to access EverWeb’s Site Shield Addon, which helps to protect your website and improve your site’s SEO.
Once you are happy with the settings, you can click the publish button in the toolbar.

Top Tips When Using EverWeb

Make use of all the relevant features for your website. EverWeb has a variety of useful features and widgets available, so make sure you take full advantage of the features.
Create great content for your website and regularly update it, so that you retain and grow your website’s audience. An effective way to regularly update your website is by having a blog, which you can now do with EverWeb.
Ensure you have a website that is user-friendly. Your customers want a website that they can easily access and find their way around. So use menubars if you have more than one page on your website. You can find different menu styles on EverWeb’s Navigation Menu widget.
A final takeaway tip is to create a website that has a clear and clean website design. Don’t overcrowd the page and make sure you have plenty of imagery and white spaces. This will help your customers easily navigate your website and will make your business look more professional.
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Create and Design Your Website With EverWeb

Creating and designing a website doesn’t have to be rocket science. Especially not with EverWeb! If you are a beginner to website design, make use of the video tutorials and take your time in building your ideal website.
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