The Best Design Software? All About Designing and Hosting a Website on Rapidweaver

best design software for mac
Did you know that Rapid Weaver’s latest version 8 has over 1,500 add-ons? Some of which are premium while others are free. But yes, designing your website just became that fun and that much easier!
If you have used design platforms like WordPress to build your website or blog, then you have a basic idea of how RapidWeaver works. The difference is, RapidWeaver works only on mac devices unlike others in the CMS world.
Is RapidWeaver the best design software for mac? If you’re considering Rapidweaver, here’s what you need to know about designing and hosting on Rapidweaver.

A Mac Software

Things just got quite interesting for all mac device owners. Since most software are built for Android and Windows devices, it might be quite a challenge to get along with your MAC device. RapidWeaver was developed only for Mac devices, making it easier for the owners to build websites from the comfort of their devices.

One-off purchase fee

RapidWeaver is premium software that requires purchase before download. It goes for about $99. The upside is that this fee is one-time; meaning it’s not a subscription fee, just a purchase fee. Once you purchase the software, it comes with all its marvelous features, forever in your access! 

Free Trial and Updates

Since you have to purchase this software, it is highly advisable to test its performance and interface before you invest in it. Realmac, the company behind RapidWeaver, has made it possible for developers to download trial versions of the software.
If you like how it works, then you can proceed to purchase the premium version and forever own it with free regular updates of the software.

Pre-built Themes

Just like other CMS platforms, RapidWeaver has a vast collection of pre-designed website themes that users can select. Again, all these are free once you purchase the software. Isn’t it more helpful to work with an existing design and re-design it to your liking, instead of creating from one from scratch?

Drag and Drop System

How complex is it to edit the themes, you may ask? RapidWeaver boasts of zero complexities in its user interface and design tool. All you have to do to change a section of a theme is to search for the add-on, image, or whichever feature you want.
After this, click on it, hold it, and drag it to the preferred section. I promise, that’s it! So, you can build a website in just an hour tops.

Work Offline

The most challenging factor with most CMS platforms is that you have to be online to build your site. With RapidWeaver, you only need to have your Mac device, and you’re good to go. You can stress about Wi-Fi when you are ready to host your business site online.

Design Unlimited Websites

Does your hosting provider limit your subscription package to one website? RapidWeaver allows you to build a thousand websites a day, for the rest of your life if you so want!

Mobile Responsive

Every site created using RapidWeaver gets to have one essential feature, responsiveness. This is the ability of your website to take up and fit in any screen size without losing its resolution or its design.
This means your potential clients and readers can view your site from their desktops, iPads, mobile phones, or whichever device will they invent in the future. Responsiveness brings about the effectiveness of a website; keep that in mind!

Device Simulation

While you are creating your beautiful site using this mac website design software, you get a chance to see your how your website would look in different devices. This gives you insight on changing things up so it can turn out perfect for your site visitors.

Unsplash Integration

Unsplash is currently one of the best image libraries online. This site is reputable for four things;

  • A vast collection of images in a variety of industries
  • High definition images of all sizes
  • Free pictures for your download
  • Unlimited image download without sign up or subscription

RapidWeaver was wise enough to integrate this fantastic image library to their platform, solving the hustle of finding free images for your website. Don’t forget that it’s as simple as searching, dragging, and dropping the photos!

Site Language

This is downright one of the best features in the software. As the designer, you have the will to change the site language to whatever language you please.
Go to the general settings, find ‘site language’ and click to select from the dropdown language options.

Security and GDPR

This essential mac software maintains the General Data Privacy Regulation. The themes and plugins in this software do not track any personal information from visitors.
Your server hosts everything! The analytics, code libraries, or fonts don’t come from external services.
If your website requires visitors to register or make payments, trust it that it is 100% secure for them.

Hosting with the Best Design Software for Mac

RapidWeaver uses FTP to publish websites online. Most hosting providers support the FTP system making it easy for you to find a favorable provider for your website launch. Before you start the publishing process, make sure you purchase hosting and domain.
After the purchase, your host will provide you with your account information which holds details that you’ll enter into RapidWeaver. The process is quite simple and may not necessarily require assistance from your host. However, it won’t hurt to confirm from them that the information given is what you should use an FTP.
After you have completed, test your connection before publishing to ensure all input credentials are correct.

Take Your Business Online

Whether you are looking to build a website for your business or a blog for your hobbies, feel confident about RapidWeaver because it’s the best design software for mac. Play around with its amazingly designed features and create elegant and effective websites that achieve your goal.
Have you completed designing your stunning website and you are ready to publish it online? Contact us for affordable and reliable hosting and domain services.

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