Best of the Best: Top 10 iPhone Email Clients

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There is a multitude of iPhone email application articles about which iPhone email app is best.
Almost everyone has an opinion, but are they supported by facts? We want to bring you supported opinion for the top ten iPhone email applications.
iPhone email applications are too important in our daily lives to mess around. Sometimes iPhone emails frustrate us because they don’t function in the way we need them.
We went out to find the best of the best in iPhone email applications and we are going to review our finding with you.

Best iPhone Email App

Our emails are personal to us. We are serious about receiving and sending emails. When we need the best iPhone email app we aren’t messing around. We need the best one.
iPhone email applications sometimes come with calendars, reminders, and alerts. They may even come with a slew of other bonus features.
Those bonus features are great to have for our iPhone email. But, which one is the best of them? Which one is the best iPhone email app?
Just like we provided you with the best email applications for Mac OS X we are now giving you iPhone email apps. The 10 best iPhone email apps.

  1. Spark
  2. Airmail
  3. Outlook
  4. Edison Mail
  5. Apple Email
  6. Gmail
  7. Spike
  8. Newton Mail
  9. Boxer
  10. Astro

Best iPhone Mail App

Now that we have given you the best iPhone mail app we want to tell you more about each one on the list.
Over 55% of the world’s population uses email. All deserve to know what are the best iPhone mail apps. We are listing the top three best iPhone mail apps with support information below. They are;

  1. Spark – We felt Spark was one of the best iPhone Mail Apps and we aren’t alone. Many digital trend articles refer to Spark as one of the best iPhone mail apps.
    • It has personalized swipes for various email accounts or signatures.
    • It gives you notifications for the important emails or all depending on what you want.
    • Its ability to search for a particular email is amazing.
    • It works in harmony and connects to everything from Dropbox to Evernote.
    • It provides functionality for team collaboration via email.
  2. Airmail – Airmail provides a versatile and thorough email app. Every email you have joins under a single banner which makes seeing every email account you have much easier.
    • It allows you to email events to your synced calendar.
    • Or you can snooze, lock, block or call back your ‘send’ emails.
    • It is also available for your computer email as a desktop application.
    • One negative is the app costs $5.00.
  3. Outlook – Outlook still places on the top 10 best iPhone mail app list. Because Outlook has updated its email functionality and look.
    • It’s shining glory is it focused priority inbox allowing you to rank your emails.
    • Calendar access with a very easy to use swipe gesture for deciding how to store your emails.

Best Email Client for iPhone

We are listing below four of the best email client for iPhone apps. Each one of these offers superb harmony and unity with any of your other internet needs.
They are as follows;

  1. Edison – Edison is like having your own personal secretary or assistant. It does everything you need sometimes without you even being aware you need it.
    • It syncs with any email application you are currently using without fail.
    • It gives you suggestions on how to organize your email based on how many times you receive and respond to them. This is a brilliant feature.
    • You can search for an email and delete or unsubscribe blocks of emails at a time.
  2. Apple Email – We all seem to discount this email application as being an oldie. But Apple email has come a long way and it has several very viable features.
    • It adds anything from pictures to file folders to emails in a quick and easy to use manner.
    • You can write emails in a fast and easy to use manner and archive, delete, send or read as you do it.
  3. Gmail – Another oldie but goodie but also one of the best email client for iPhone applications. It may not be the latest or the one with the most sparks but it is dependable and flexible.
    • It schedules emails for you to read, send or write like no other email application.
    • It gives you options for smart replies, snooze controls and other functional features we all use.
  4. Spike – Spike gives us emails without most of the frills but it gets the job done. You don’t need all the bells and whistles for emails. You need them to work very well. Spike gives you a priority inbox which syncs with your calendar for easy to use access.

iPhone Email

The best iPhone emails are different for each person. Some need the best emails for business tasks or studies and some for personal entertainment. But there are some common features we all look for when we select the best iPhone email app for us.
They are;

  • Organized Inbox
  • Send later or snooze email abilities.
  • Syncing with our calendars
  • Integration of applications we use with our emails (i.e. Dropbox, cloud, etc.)
  • Security of our emails
  • Back up of our email

iPhone email applications don’t have to have a lot of bells on them. They do need to meet or exceed our expectations. That is why it is so important to know information about each iPhone email application before you select one to use.

Which iPhone Email Application Should I Choose?

The choice in which iPhone email application you select is up to you. But, we provide concise and detailed information on all the above or more.
If you count on email applications for you or your business, we will make sure you have the information you need.
There are so many changes and updates for the best iPhone email it is impossible to stay on top of its information. We do all the heavy lifting for you allowing you to read, ask questions or reach out to us for relevant answers.
We want to be the answer to your email concerns and standards. Everything we do reflects our research and knowledge. Let us work hard on your behalf so your iPhone email works for you and your objectives. Reach out to us today to find out more!

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