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Are you looking for web hosting services compatible with Mac users?
Getting your website live is hard enough as it is without the limitations posed by your choice of platform. Now, add some of the pressure of staying with the times since every business is online nowadays. With those 2 combined, most people tend to cave in to the pressure before they can find good hosting service.
Therefore, choosing a web host as soon as possible is important before it’s too late. You can spend hours looking for an acceptable one, or you can choose RapidWeaver instead. This is a platform which can prove helpful in launching and providing top-notch services for your website.
Why not go for other web hosting services, you ask? Read what we have below and learn why this is the best publisher for Mac users. Learn all you need to know today.

1. Features

The platform offers the basic things you can expect from any web hosting service. However, choosing it as your web host also gives you more than what you bargained for. For instance, it provides you with a way to build and preview your website on the go.
This award-winning platform gives you a website design software that allows you to build a basic website structure in minutes. The myriad of pre-built CSS and Mac themes will help you create the pages you need to fill in your website, too. All these are, of course, customizable to help you make unique pages.
It also has a drag-and-drop feature which makes building webpages easier and faster. Once you’re done adding what themes you think you need for each of your pages, the platform allows you to view your handiwork with its live preview feature. This will allow you to tweak anything you think is amiss on your page before it goes live.
This platform also has plugin support. This is a must-have nowadays because plugins are what help make your website unique. Not only that, some essential plugins are already installed on the platform.
This spares you some time and may help prevent accidental downloads containing viruses.

2. Pros and Cons of Using RapidWeaver

As with every web hosting service, this platform has its own pros and cons. This doesn’t mean that web hosting services are bad for having flaws. This only means that some have advantages over others.


Using this web hosting service means that you have most of the work done for you. There are many ways it can help you like with its navigation automation system. This system checks your navigation bars and links on your website on a regular basis.
Once it finds something that doesn’t live up to SEO standards, it does what it can to fix the problem. This means that you have next to no need to maintain your website on your own. Another hidden bonus from this feature is that you don’t need to worry about having broken links anymore.
Also, the platform is a forgiving one. By this, we mean it doesn’t need you to know much about coding to be successful in launching your website. Combining its fast and easy web designing features and its top-notch maintenance features, coding isn’t a thing you need to worry about in this platform.
Though that doesn’t mean your coding knowledge will go to waste. Having some degree of skill in coding allows you to take advantage of HTML and RTF. These will help you keep up with the ever-changing standards of websites.
It’s also worth noting that the platform receives updates every now and then. This makes it so you don’t have to worry about becoming out of date with your web hosting services. This also means you get the best website design software services given to you all the time.


There are only a few cons worth noting when you use this platform. One of which is that your coding skills may turn lax. As mentioned above, the platform does most of the work for you, and that can lead to some people not honing their skills in coding.
You can avoid this with ease, though, through practice. All you need to do is perform small coding tasks a day to prevent yourself from stagnating.
Another con from using this platform is that it doesn’t work as well with other operating systems. Developers wanted to address the lack of web hosting services for Mac users before. They may have overlooked some things that make other hosting services compatible with the majority of operating systems.

3. Pricing Lists

The platform gives reasonable rates for its users. Users have an option to use regular rates or buy a package deal. Of course, different packages have different rates and offer different features.
The Lite pack, for instance, is the most affordable one among the 3 packs it offers. Costing only $7.99, this package gives you enough features to run a website with efficiency. You also have access to 5 databases with this package and it provides unlimited cloud storage for your databanks.
The Swift package is up next on the price list. It costs only $9.99 a month and it’s the most popular package to date. This is because it gives users more resources than the previous one.
It provides an unlimited amount of resources, so you can make an unlimited number of websites with it. You can register domain names as long as you can make websites.
The turbo package is the most expensive package among the 3, costing you $18.99/month. This pack gives you access to the platform’s turbo feature though. This gives you faster page caching and such of up to 20x faster than the previous packages.

Choose the Best Web Hosting Service For Mac Users Now

As you can see, using RapidWeaver is the best choice you can make for your website. Mac users will find this is the only way to make sure their websites stay live. Launch your website through this platform today!
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