MacHighway VP Tyler Jacobson in Las Vegas this Saturday 10/11/14

Here’s a fun fact: Not only am I a Mac diehard and a key member of the MacHighway team for over 15 years – but did you know that I’m also an award winning DJ? This post isn’t to toot my own horn (I know I just did) but it’s to let our MacHighway friends in the Las Vegas, NV area know that I will be in your fair city this weekend spinning some music. Classic Soul and Funk tracks to be specific.
Not only is this an opportunity for a night out, but it’s an opportunity for me to finally meet some of you in person. If you’re so inclined, I will be spinning a set at The Velveteen Rabbit (1218 S. Main St.) at some point between 10 PM and 2 AM this Saturday, Oct. 11. There’s no door charge. Free is good. πŸ™‚

Top Hat at The Velveteen Rabbit


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