A message for WordPress users on carl.machighway.com

Customers affected:
Customers that have WordPress powered sites on carl.machighway.com
What’s going on?
There have been frequent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on carl.machighway.com. These attacks are directed against WordPress sites and they have been overwhelming the server, causing it to crash.
What has MacHighway done to stop these attacks?
We have placed an additional layer of authentication in front of your WordPress admin page. This stops the attackers from using common WordPress hacks against your WorpdPress powered site, and keeps the server load manageable during any future attacks.
Additionally, we are going to be putting all WordPress sites on carl on the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network. This will speed up your site and will bring an additional layer of protection. This change will be transparent to you.
There could be other reasons causing issues on carl.machighway.com, but at this time we believe that this is the root cause of the recent trouble.

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