Prevent blacklisting: Do these 3 things right now!

The wave of hacked email accounts is hitting some sort of terminal velocity lately. The result of this, as some of you may have seen, is servers ending up on blacklists, which ultimately prevents some of your messages from reaching  the intended recipients.
We take every precaution on this end to prevent spam from being sent through our server and staying off of blacklists, but unfortunately, the most vulnerable points of exploitation are on your end. Once your email account or computer is exploited, spam is usually sent aggressively using your credentials. It’s only a matter of time until the entire server ends up on blacklists.
For that reason, we strongly ask that you take all of the steps below. This will be our (and your) best defense against keeping the server off of blacklists:
1. Make sure every email address has a unique password.
If you use the same passwords from place to place, it’s quite easy for your a hacker to reverse engineer your email address. For this reason, we strongly recommend that each email address on your account uses a password that’s completely unique and is not used anywhere else (email or otherwise.)
Instructions for changing your email password can be found here.
2. Make sure every computer and device is sending via SSL.
This is extremely important because if you happen to be on public wi-fi and check your email, you’ll want your username and password to be encrypted to the server. If it’s not encrypted, those credentials could fall into the wrong hands and suddenly your account is being used as a source of thousands of spam messages. Please make sure that any computer or device for every email account you host with us is set to both send and receive via SSL.
Instructions for setting up SSL on Apple Mail can be found here.
General instructions for setting up SSL on your mail client can be found here.
(The above instructions can also be used for iPads, iPhones, tablets, etc.)
3. Run a virus scan on your computer.
This is just good policy – especially if you’re on a PC. This is also the source of many mass spam exploits. Many of the recent exploits have been traced to viruses, malware and trojan horses.
PC Antivirus applications:
PC Tools AntiVirus Free AntiVirus Protection
AVG Internet Security
Mac Antivirus applications:
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

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    1. Richard – Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to that. In some brief review, it appears that CloudMagic offers an SSL checkbox “somewhere” in the program.
      You may need to consult with them directly about where that is.

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