#RandomActsofMacHighway: 10% of all new sales in Dec. go to benefit Foodbank of the Rockies

MacHighway Season of GivingFor the second year in a row, MacHighway is donating 10% of all new sales during the month of December to Foodbank of the Rockies. Foodbank of the Rockies is the largest private hunger-relief organization in our home state of Colorado.
We love being able to not only support a great organization that does a tremendous amount of good for our community, but also to help turn your purchase of a new domain name, SiteLockhosting package, or MacHighway SiteBuilder package into a gift that greatly enriches the lives of others.
Some facts about the hungry in Colorado, taken from the Foodbank of the Rockies site:
Data from Hunger in America 2014 – Local Report prepared for Food Bank of the Rockies

  • FBR serves approximately 411,000 people annually. 34% of clients receiving food through our partner agencies are children.  Adding in our Totes of Hope™ – Children, Kids Cafe and Snacks programs, children make up about half of the clients served through Food Bank of the Rockies. 
  • 14% of clients are seniors, age 60+
  • 31% are White, 18% are Black/African American, 38% are Hispanic/Latino , 13% identify as some other race
  • 23% did not graduate high school or obtain a GED,  45% have a GED or HS Diploma, 25% have education beyond a high school diploma/GED and 7% have a 4-year college degree or higher
  • 10% are living in temporary housing
  • 10% do not have access to cooking facilities or refrigeration
  • 37% of households had a member working for pay in the last four weeks, 63% had a person working for pay in the last 12 months
  • 19% are grandparents who have responsibility for grandchildren who live with them
  • 21% have a household member who has served or is serving in the US military
  • 20% are in poor health
  • 93% have incomes less than $30K/year, 48% have incomes of $10K/year or less 70% have incomes at or below the poverty level
  • 61% choose between medicine and food
  • 65% choose between mortgage/rent and food
  • 68% choose between transportation and food
  • 72% choose between utilities and food

More figures from this report can be found at: http://www.foodbankrockies.org/about-us/hunger-facts/

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