Scheduled maintenance on luann, sherri and terri on Friday, Dec. 13/kodos, kirk, and jasper on Monday, Dec. 16

We know all about not crossing a black cat, but we’ve never heard anything about not doing required server maintenance on Friday the 13th. So we’re going to give it a shot.
Our technicians will be performing a MySQL upgrade on, and on the morning of Friday, December 13 at 2:00 AM mountain time and on, and on the morning of Monday, December 16 at 12:00 AM mountain time.
The window for this maintenance is 4 hours and customers on that server should expect up to 45 min. of downtime during this window.
UPDATE: Due to conflicts with our nightly server backups. maintenance on kirk has been pushed back to Tuesday, 12/16 between 12am and 6am mountain.
UPDATE: Monday’s maintenance has been updated to take place between 12:00 AM and 6 AM, to allow more time for the upgrades to complete. Monday’s upgrade will be for,, and
Please be sure to check this post, our Facebook or Twitter accounts should there be any unforseen issues or delays. If there are no updates on the page and you find that you are having problems, please contact customer service at 1.877.288.3273 or
Thanks for your patience while we make this necessary upgrade.
UPDATE – Friday Dec. 13 4:19 AM Mountain: Maintenance on Luann is complete.
Sherri has completed but additional needed upgrades are taking place. Access from PHP to MySQL will be temporarily down until these upgrades complete. This should finish within with next 2 hours.
Maintenance on Terri was delayed. The maintenance window has been extended by 2 hours. There will be around 45 min of downtime at some point within the next 2 hours.
Thanks for your patience.
UPDATE – Friday Dec. 13 5:52 AM Mountain: Sherri is all updated and running.
We are delaying the upgrade of Terri until Monday.

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