The Troubles with Yosemite Email

Has your Yosemite been misbehaving? After upgrading to Yosemite have you had trouble sending and receiving email?
We’ve had reports of trouble with email from customers after upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10).  We here at MacHighway do believe that Apple gets a lot of things right, far more often then those other guys, and that’s why I’ve been Mac fanatic for 30 years (and an Apple user for 35). However, Apple does get some things wrong, in this case the latest changes to in Yosemite may cause you trouble when trying to send and receive email because will randomly replace your settings with what it assumes to be correct (Yikes!)

yosemite_intro_2The best guide we’ve seen to solve this issue is at Ted has written a great article on fixing this issue, including a more detailed plist fix, if for some reason your settings still do not stick after. You can find it here.

To double-check you have the correct settings in your, you can see what they should be on your cPanel. We have a knowledgbase article that tells you how called General Email Setup Instructions, here.

Our new cPanel upgrade also has a handy application you can download from your cPanel that will automatically configure many email clients, including in Yosemite. That information, in the section of our knowledgebase called “Setting Up your Email Application“.

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