Why cPanel Works Great for Mac OS X Users

cPanel for mac
While some companies handle their own hosting, many more realize the benefits of hiring hosting providers to handle the heavy lifting.
When you consider using cPanel for Mac, you’re able to unlock the power of OS X and combine it with the ease of using cPanel. The two tools work so well together that millions of users around the globe rave about how great their hosting is when they plug cPanel into their Mac.
Here are five reasons why it’s a great solution for Mac users.

1. Unique and High-Quality Branding

If you’re a Mac OS X user, you put design and quality interfaces up there with usability and functionality. While you need something to be more than just a pretty widget on your screen, you also hope that the things around you have intuitive and clever designs. Good design and functionality are some of the reasons that Mac users love to work with cPanel.
Inside of cPanel, you get the option to create unique logos and branding. If you’re working with a bunch of clients using your cPanel interface, you want them to know they’ve pinged the right location. When you add your own logo, images, and your corporate colors, they’ll see that they’ve gotten the right business.
cPanel gives you world-class service for hosting but with the potential for branding, you get to have your own powerful identity online. This helps you to own your clients even without having to create your own unique, customized, and expensive software solution.

2. Manage User Accounts

One of the great things about cPanel is that you get to scale your business as you grow and change. Your dedicated server offers you the chance to have access to lots of user accounts. With the help of cPanel, you get to manage these individual accounts easily, setting parameters and roles as needed.
Tiered management structures are vital to getting a robust user experience from hosting tools. With the kind of structure and admin management that this tool offers, you get to set roles for people across a huge enterprise.
You can allow people who are reselling services to have a role. You let your webmasters administer their websites. You can even offer email support for dozens of users easily, from anywhere in the world.
You get the chance to create your own price points when you take the work of managing client user accounts for everyone on your team.

3. High-End Server Monitoring

With data becoming an increasingly powerful and vital resource for any business, the ability to monitor your servers is a power that no one takes for granted. Because of security breaches, software updates, and conflicts, having access to your servers requires the best tech and the most potential for interaction. cPanel is no slouch when it comes to offering the best features in the business.
Server monitoring technology helps you to see what’s happening on your servers day or night. You can set notifications to let you see if something is beyond a preset threshold. You even get the opportunity to see traffic as it happens in real time.
When you or your system administrators get the chance to see what’s happening on your server, you’re one step ahead of the competition. If you see that it’s time to expand or to migrate, you can get things started seamlessly with the help of cPanel and your OS X system.

4. Security is Vital

Across every sector, the cost of a data breach has now peaked to nearly $4 million dollars. This means that if someone gets into your system it could cost you more than most companies make in a year. This price tag calculates all the costs from damage to your reputation, customers who leat ve you, and the potential lawsuits you’ll face.
cPanel helps gives you the chance to have cutting edge protection to keep your clients and yourself safe from hacking. With plenty of frequent updates, you get the opportunity to stay ahead of the latest phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks. When you have the space to steer clear of attacks, you can make informed decisions about your business and how you’ll continue your success.
It’s important to keep your customers’ assets secure. They’ve entrusted you with lots of personal and financial data that could be harmful to them if released. It’s important for you to take that seriously and protect their information as you would your own.

5. Add-Ons Galore

One of the great things about OS X is the way that interfaces and applications work seamlessly with one another. Even as you expand one application with add-ons and upgrades, you can ensure that the rest of your system will continue to jive with it perfectly.
There’s not a lick of difference when you’re using cPanel.
cPanel has hundreds of add-ons to create a custom and bespoke digital interface for any type of customer in any industry at all. From the most tech-savvy to the most Luddite customer in the world, you can have it all with cPanel and OS X.
The kind of functionality solutions you get is good for users in any industry. You’ll be able to get website building tools, installers, server management software, and virtualization tools all with cPanel.
When you use cPanel to its maximum capability alongside OS X, you get the chance to have your web hosting cake and eat it too.

cPanel is a Powerful and Reliable Solution

When you use cPanel on a Mac, you get the chance to have a powerful hosting tool combined with an interface that makes sense. Move a lifelong Mac user over to a PC and watch them crumble. Instead of forcing your staff or your clients to work with a PC interface, give them what they want with cPanel on OS X.
If you want the most out of your security, look into our guide to the benefits two-factor authentication.

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