The Troubles with Yosemite Email

Written by Chris Graves on April 2, 2015

Has your Yosemite been misbehaving? After upgrading to Yosemite have you had trouble sending and receiving email? We’ve had reports of trouble with email from customers after upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10).  We here at MacHighway do believe that Apple gets a lot of things right, far more often then those other guys, […]

#RandomActsofMacHighway: 10% of all new sales in Dec. go to benefit Foodbank of the Rockies

Written by Tyler Jacobson on December 2, 2014

For the second year in a row, MacHighway is donating 10% of all new sales during the month of December to Foodbank of the Rockies. Foodbank of the Rockies is the largest private hunger-relief organization in our home state of Colorado. We love being able to not only support a great organization that does a tremendous amount of good […]

New domain names available right now!

Written by Tyler Jacobson on October 10, 2014
MacHighway Web Hosting

Another crop of new domain names have hit the market and are available for registration right now. Take a look at the latest additions: .attorney .beer (Mmmmm…. dot beer.) .city .deals .direct .lawyer .nyc .place .republican .surf  Don’t wait. Register your domain name today at

MacHighway VP Tyler Jacobson in Las Vegas this Saturday 10/11/14

Written by Tyler Jacobson on October 8, 2014

Here’s a fun fact: Not only am I a Mac diehard and a key member of the MacHighway team for over 15 years – but did you know that I’m also an award winning DJ? This post isn’t to toot my own horn (I know I just did) but it’s to let our MacHighway friends in […]

31 more new domain name extensions are available right now! Check ’em out and find yours.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on September 23, 2014
MacHighway 31 new domains name just released

As you can see, a large number of great domain name extensions has just been released and are available for registration through MacHighway.Domains right now. At least one of these new domain name extensions is the perfect fit for your site – but just in case it isn’t, this is only a small fraction of […]

MacHighway web hosting now supports 2-factor authentication.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on September 16, 2014
MacHighway 2-Factor Authentication now available

With the news of yet another mass security breach occurring recently, this time with Google, the importance of having robust login security cannot be overstated. At MacHighway, we take your account security very seriously. For that reason, we couldn’t be more excited to that you that we’ve now incorporated additional technology which will make it much harder for […]

What’s Under the Hood?

Written by Chris Graves on September 11, 2014
MacHighway Web Hosting: What's Under The Hood?

As you’ve noticed by now, we’ve updated our look. It’s the seventh major change to our web site since we started the company in 1997.  I think it looks great, but we’ve also made changes that go far more than skin deep. The surface you see now better reflects who we are, and where we’re going. Over […]

Be the life of the party with .GRIPE + several other new domain name extensions

Written by Tyler Jacobson on July 24, 2014

Remember just the other day when you were saying: “I don’t even understand why we even bought this Internet? It’s not like we use the darn thing.” Well, hold on there, partner.  Before you put your Internet back in the box, march it to the store where you originally bought it from and demand a refund, […]

You don’t have to drink to get .bar, .buzz or .pub (but it sure helps!)

Written by Tyler Jacobson on July 16, 2014

New domain names that have just come on the market: .bar .blackfriday .build .buzz .christmas .pub .rest .services Get your domain name today from