New domain names available right now!

Written by Tyler Jacobson on October 10, 2014
MacHighway Web Hosting

Another crop of new domain names have hit the market and are available for registration right now. Take a look at the latest additions: .attorney .beer (Mmmmm…. dot beer.) .city .deals .direct .lawyer .nyc .place .republican .surf  Don’t wait. Register your domain name today at

MacHighway VP Tyler Jacobson in Las Vegas this Saturday 10/11/14

Written by Tyler Jacobson on October 8, 2014

Here’s a fun fact: Not only am I a Mac diehard and a key member of the MacHighway team for over 15 years – but did you know that I’m also an award winning DJ? This post isn’t to toot my own horn (I know I just did) but it’s to let our MacHighway friends in [...]


Written by Tyler Jacobson on September 25, 2014

ATTENTION all active members of the MacHighway community: #RandomActsOfMacHighway are making their way to you inbox right now. Enjoy!

MacHighway web hosting now supports 2-factor authentication.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on September 16, 2014
MacHighway 2-Factor Authentication now available

With the news of yet another mass security breach occurring recently, this time with Google, the importance of having robust login security cannot be overstated. At MacHighway, we take your account security very seriously. For that reason, we couldn’t be more excited to that you that we’ve now incorporated additional technology which will make it much harder for [...]

What’s Under the Hood?

Written by Chris Graves on September 11, 2014
MacHighway Web Hosting: What's Under The Hood?

As you’ve noticed by now, we’ve updated our look. It’s the seventh major change to our web site since we started the company in 1997.  I think it looks great, but we’ve also made changes that go far more than skin deep. The surface you see now better reflects who we are, and where we’re going. Over [...]

Today’s new domain name release will change SEO forever.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on July 2, 2014

I don’t want to overstate the importance of today’s new domain name extension release, but it’s very difficult to relay the impact that this extension, which is available right now, will have on SEO. To use a metaphor, this new domain name extension is a meteor that will slam into earth, wipe out entire species, [...]

New domain name extensions: Hey artists, .ink is available today! and more.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on June 25, 2014

More new domain name extensions are available as of today – including the prized .ink extension, which is as perfect for tattoo artists, as it it for illustrators and inkers. But, that’s not the only great new domain name extension. As of right now, you can register your domain name at for any of [...]