Publishing Websites on Sparkleapp: How to Publish Sparkleapp Via FTP

Written by MacHighway Team on June 13, 2019

If you have decided to use Sparkle for your website design, you know how much time you have put into making it work for different devices. Now it’s time to get it on to the internet.

Some website builders allow you real-time edits so that you don’t need to re-upload your website files to your server. That’s a nice feature, and easy enough to accomplish after your site is up and running. Initially, though, it’s good to test all the files locally

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RapidWeaver vs Weebly Review: A Comparison for Mac Users

Written by MacHighway Team on June 11, 2019

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of having a website. Whether you’re building a business or just wanting to spread your ideas to the entire globe, you’re going to need a website to make it happen.

There are currently over 1.6 billion websites active websites on the Internet. Obviously, one-quarter of the world’s population are not web programmers and developers. It’s gotten easier to get a website up and running, even with no technical expertise.

Today, we’re going to take a look at two

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Web Development: How to Create an Online Store on a Mac

Written by MacHighway Team on June 6, 2019

Having a website in 2019 is one of the most important steps to any kind of success. Whether it’s a personal website or one for your business, you need to claim a stake on the digital landscape and have somewhere you direct people to. Without it, you can become worse than just another face in a digital crowd.

You may end up being totally hidden from the rest of the world. As a creative Mac user, it would hurt not to

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How to Find the Best Drag And Drop Website Development Platforms

Written by MacHighway Team on June 4, 2019

Make no mistake, building a website from scratch can be tough.

Outsourcing website creation can be pricey, too.

This is where website development platforms come in.

They are an ideal solution for growing businesses in particular.

Finding the best website builder, however, is not always the easiest task. With so many of these builders available online, how do you know which one is the best for you?

This is important to figure out – having your own website is a necessity nowadays.

Using a website builder

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How to Publish Your Dreamweaver Website cPanel Hosting

Written by MacHighway Team on May 30, 2019

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most popular and powerful tools for web design.

It’s There are currently 1.75 million live websites that have been designed with Dreamweaver. It’s voted as the most popular application for web design in Canada, China, Italy, Russia, and the United States.

Adobe has a long history of creating excellent, innovative software for the web. They also designed Flash and PDF. Dreamweaver is Adobe’s one-stop-shop for all things web design.

Those who are familiar with Adobe software will feel right at

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VPS: How to use MacHighway for File Storage

Written by MacHighway Team on May 28, 2019

Computing has made work easier to do compared to when things were done manually before. Work that should ordinarily take a few days when it is was done manually can now be done within a few hours with more accuracy.

Mostly when working we work with data and information that are supplied to us, and usually, when working with data or information supplied, there has to be a way to keep those files somewhere. Hello, file storage.

Keeping these files could be for

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How to Create an Profitable Online Store

Written by MacHighway Team on May 24, 2019

1.92 billion people will buy something online in 2019. Why not be the one to sell it to them?

It’s no secret that online shopping has gained serious momentum in the past few years. What does this mean for you, though? Great opportunities to earn easy cash by building your own store.

However, it’s not as simple as purchasing a domain and shipping products. There are a few more things you’ll want to learn first before you start making the big bucks.

Ready to

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Web Design Review for Mac Users: Everweb Vs Rapidweaver

Written by MacHighway Team on May 23, 2019

The internet is an amazing innovation that has helped changed a lot of things around the globe. Ever since its inception, communication, businesses, entertainment, arts, and a whole lot of other areas have been positively affected.

The internet cannot just function and be on its own, you need a medium whereby you will be able to access the information that is available on the internet.

This is the through world wide web or web as it is generally known. It is through this

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How to Use Weebly to Design a Site on MacHighway

Written by MacHighway Team on May 22, 2019

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet today.

Communication is now easy; information technology redefined a lot of things. With a lot of cool stuff on the internet, you might not know that you have spent a lot of time on the internet already.

One of the things that fascinate us is an amazing website on the internet and their content.

We all like the internet and also enjoy being on the internet, especially when the website is well designed and is easy

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Step-by-Step Guide to cPanel File Manager

Written by MacHighway Team on May 21, 2019

Building, designing, and organizing for web hosting can be a tedious and complicated process if you don’t have the right tools.

Lucky for you, the industry standard, cPanel, is easy and efficient!

It has a host of tools, like the cPanel File Manager, to make web hosting a breeze!

Eager to learn more about how to use this system? Follow along!

What is cPanel

cPanel is a system of Linux based control panels that take all the details and aspects of web hosting and building and houses

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