The Top WYSIWYG HTML Editors for Mac

Written by MacHighway Team on May 20, 2019

Remember the days when you had to type all the code by hand when creating web pages? Ah, the good old days.

Thankfully though, with the advent of HTML editors, the process has never been easier. You can now create, manage and edit a sensational website quite easily with no hassle at all.

This article explores the top WYSIWYG HTML editors for Mac that’ll help reduce your workload, all while increasing your efficiency and productivity. Read on!

What Is an HTML Editor?

There’s no

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Top 5 FTP Clients for Mac OS X

Written by MacHighway Team on May 17, 2019

File Transfer Protocol, better known as FTP, has been around for nearly 50 years. It has evolved over the years, but at its core, it still does exactly what it did when it was first conceived. It lets you transfer files from your local PC to a remote server, like a web host.

If you need to transfer files using FTP, you need FTP client software running on your computer. There are quite a few FTP apps for Mac OS X ranging

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The Absolute Best Web Hosts for Mac Users in 2019

Written by MacHighway Team on May 16, 2019

Did you know that Macs make up ten percent of personal computers?

This is for good reason. After all, Macs are highly durable, well-designed computers that prove the worth of their investment over many years.

If you are a proud Mac owner, you know what we’re talking about. But did you know that there are web hosts out there that are better suited for Macs?

That’s right. All website owners must rely on a web host to support their sites. However, not all hosts are the same, and

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How to Install WordPress Locally on Mac using MAMP

Written by MacHighway Team on April 30, 2019

WordPress is used by approximately 33% of all websites, which is a significant migration from traditional CMS.

This is a huge figure that should make you gain some interest in how to install WordPress locally. Using WordPress comes with several advantages, among them, being its flexibility and adaptability.

Sometimes, users might feel intimidated to install their own content management systems. However, with WordPress, the process isn’t complicated. By following the correct procedure, you can achieve all the goals of using WordPress as your

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Best Website Builders for Mac

Written by MacHighway Team on April 25, 2019

You know that you need a website. You don’t necessarily have the programming skills nor the budget to hire someone to build the site for you.

What do you do, especially if you have a Mac? You can use a website builder for your site. A website builder has the potential to help you develop and launch your website with very few headaches.

Before you panic about having to use Windows to build a website, there’s no need to worry. Yes, there

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The 10 Best Free HTML Editors for Mac

Written by MacHighway Team on April 23, 2019

Do you use a Mac to create your HTML content? Do you like seeing your code preview in real time? Do you upload your code manually or do you need it automatically posted to your hosting server?

Web developers use several tools to design and edit their websites and are often working within a tight budget. Choosing the right free HTML editor can be a challenge, and it’s important to keep in mind that a free editor doesn’t mean a low-quality

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Mac Friendly Design Tools – RapidWeaver

Written by MacHighway Team on April 18, 2019

Are you looking for web hosting services compatible with Mac users?

Getting your website live is hard enough as it is without the limitations posed by your choice of platform. Now, add some of the pressure of staying with the times since every business is online nowadays. With those 2 combined, most people tend to cave in to the pressure before they can find good hosting service.

Therefore, choosing a web host as soon as possible is important before it’s too late. You can spend hours

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How to Turn Your Mac Into a Web Server

Written by MacHighway Team on April 16, 2019

Although Windows 10 leads the market in terms of active users, there are still a lot of Mac owners out there. In fact, Macs still operate a $25 billion venture for Apple.

If you’re a Mac user and a business owner, it’s likely you’ll want to do things with a computer you’re more familiar with. This also includes running a web server to host your site and other online needs, using your Mac.

That said, you’re looking to turn your Mac into a

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Can You Create or Host a Website Using iCloud?

Written by MacHighway Team on April 11, 2019

Apple’s iCloud is currently listed as one of the top three storage platforms, especially for Mac users.

With millions of people using iCloud every day, it makes you wonder whether or not they really understand how to take advantage of all of the features it offers.

What features, you might ask? Well, like recovering files or creating new ones. Or, like creating a website.

Interested in figuring out if iCloud lets you create or host a website? Of course you are, that’s why you’re

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How to SSH from My Mac to a VPS Server

Written by MacHighway Team on April 9, 2019

Did you know that the Apple iPhone isn’t as popular nowadays?

After all, it only has about 16% of global sales during the fourth quarter of 2018. But it isn’t as severe as Samsung, which saw a decrease in units sold by 3.2 million during the same time period.

Despite the cultural popularity of Apple, most businesses use Windows 10 for their needs. That’s fine and dandy but what if you’re more familiar with the Mac?

We’ve got multiple guides for Mac users, like this

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