New Domains: .camp, .education, .repair and more.

Written by Tyler Jacobson on April 2, 2014

More new domain name extensions hit the market this week. The new additions are: .CAMP .EDUCATION .GLASS .INSTITUTE .REPAIR These domain name extensions, and many, many more are available for registration through MacHighway right now. Click here to claim you name.

New domain names this week: .email, .support, .builders and more

Written by Tyler Jacobson on March 26, 2014

Another week, another crop of new and attractive domain names are available for registration. Right now through you can register: .Builders .Email .Solutions .Support .Training If you’ve missed out on grabbing that .com before someone else in the past, don’t let this opportunity pass you by this time. Secure your domain name through MacHighway […]

.company, .computer, .systems, and more new Domain Names now available

Written by Tyler Jacobson on March 19, 2014

Today even more new domain names hit the market and are immediately available for registration through MacHighway. These new domain names are: .Academy .Center .Company .Computer .Management .Menu .Systems .Uno You can get these domain names, along with dozens of other new domain name extensions from our Domain Name Registration page.

New domains: .cab, .company, .domains, and .limo

Written by Tyler Jacobson on March 12, 2014

And the list of new domains grows even more…. As of right now you can register the following new domain name extensions directly from MacHighway: .cab .company .domains .limo These extensions have just hit the market. Be sure to claim your domain right away by clicking here. If for some reason those domains don’t tickle […]

New Domain Name extensions – and a domain name sale!

Written by Tyler Jacobson on March 5, 2014

We’re excited to announce that we have even more new domain name extensions available for registration. As of today, you can register: .Careers .Photos .Recipes .Shoes These extensions join our ever growing family of domain name products including: .Guru, .Estate, .Holdings and dozens more. As if that weren’t enough good news, we also have a sale happening […]

Latest web app updates: 2-20-14 edition

Written by Tyler Jacobson on February 20, 2014

Make sure your web apps, such as WordPress, Joomla, and phpBB, are always updated to the latest version. Quite often, updates to web apps contain essential security fixes rather than feature upgrades. Keeping your apps up to date helps keep your site from getting hacked. Below is our  list of popular web apps and their latest version […]

MacHighway + CloudFlare = Greater Speed & Security for Your MacHighway Hosted Site

Written by Chris Graves on February 17, 2014

MacHighway is happy to announce our new partnership with CloudFlare. CloudFlare does two things: it accelerates your website, and protects it from hackers. Once your website is set up with CloudFlare, it loads twice as fast and is protected from a broad range of online threats. MacHighway is a certified CloudFlare Partner. CloudFlare protects and […]

Alert! Wordfence has detected an active attack on WordPress sites

Written by Tyler Jacobson on February 10, 2014

What’s happening? Wordfence sent out an email this morning, warning WordPress users of a detected distributed brute force attack on WordPress sites. What do you need to do? Make sure that you have added your site to CloudFlare. You can do this right now and for free by logging into your cPanel, clicking on the […]

Auto-Unblock now available for all MacHighway users

Written by Chris Graves on February 1, 2014

We’re excited to announce our new Auto-Unblock feature: As you may know, we have systems in place that protect your website and email from what are known as “brute-force attacks.” In a brute-force attack a hacker uses a program to run through a list of thousands of possible logins, trying to guess a valid username […]